Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What I Wore: JCrew Tangerine Coral & Polka Dots

First let me say that taking pictures of yourself is no joke.  All those fashion bloggers make it look so effortless, but truly it takes a lot of trial and error pictures and posing without looking insane.  I wanted to share my outfit last week so my daughter and I took it outside for some picture taking.  ALL. MY. PICTURES. LOOKED. RIDICULOUS.  I ended up only keeping ONE to share with you all and I'm almost embarrassed to share it.  It took me an entire week to bring myself to post it.

I must say, I really have to lose those last 15 lbs I've been carrying around.  I am only 5' feet tall and gaining one pound looks like 10.

I love a good bargain, so lots of my current buys are thrift, clearance or yard sale finds! It is so exciting to me when I find something cute & stylish dirt cheap.

So here it is, I wore this to work: (Try to look past the unflattering pose and silly look on my face)

1.Forever 21 Black Cardigan
2. J. Crew Coral/Tangerine Ruffle Top (Goodwill find)
3. Macy's Black Polka Pencil Skirt (Goodwill find)
4. BCBGirls "Library" Peach/Nude Cutout Peep-toe Pumps
5. Target Mossimo Sunglasses ($1 at the Dollar Store!)

I thought I would add that later that night my super cute heels went from looking like this: 

To this:

By the unmerciful jaws of this furry creature my daughter named Moxie:

Why? Moxie, Why? It is ALWAYS my stuff too.  Why don't you chew your 7 year old owner's shoes? I promise you would enjoy her $10 Target flats just as much as my discontinued, no longer sold, only worn a handful of times BCBG shoes! RIP shoes, you will be missed :(

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