Friday, February 10, 2012

Sales Summary from November through January

Since I haven't updated my eBay top sales since October.  I thought I would give you all an summary update on my top 3 sales in the last quarter (Nov-Dec-Jan):


This Bebe jumsuit was a return from October.  Apparently the girl who returned it said it didn't arrive in time for a costume she was planning for Halloween.  I originally got it during Salvation Army's Dollar Day. She paid $30. 

I re-listed it and it sold for $77.99 (-$4.75 shipping)!!! Woo-Hoo! Sometimes returns aren't so bad.


Ok, please tell me I am not the only one that jumps on board a fun new workout craze only to never start it!  Well this is what happened with this XBOX Kinect Zumba game.  I WATCHED (not played along like you're supposed to) it one time and I didn't like it.  I prefer the real thing. 

I paid $22.50 during a great Amazon sale and it sold for $45 to a buyer in Canada so they paid their own shipping!


This Jones New York Dress Suit sold for $29.99 plus shipping. This was in a bag of clothes my mom's boss gave her.

Like I have said previously, I didn't have a lot of time to list since I started work up again.  I sold an average of 20 items per month this quarter.  I'm hoping to get things running this month!

Show Us Your Life: Working Moms

Hi! I'm back.  Since I started working full time again in November, I haven't updated this blog.  My good friend has been trying to encourage me to post again.  When I saw that today's Show Us Your Life on Kelly's Korner is Working Moms, I figured this is a good time to start blogging regularly again.

So I work full time and sell part time on eBay.  I am a data administrator for a company in the medical industry. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for over 8 years. I have a 7 year old daughter in 2nd grade and a 20 month old son.

When I took this new job, I missed my babies so much cried everyday for a month.  Can anyone relate? I still get sad once in a while, but for now this is what needs to be done to give them a better future. We all want our kids to have the best, don't we? 

Thankfully my new job is amazing and my boss is so great because she lets me take a late lunch so I can pick up my daughter from school everyday.  My daughter goes to the school 5 min from my job and 5 min from the sitter's house (who is one of my best friends).  I was able to arrange for her to go to school so close because I was able to show the school district my job and sitter's house where in the qualifying area for my daughter to attend there.  My biggest priority when I went back to work was to still be around for my kids as much as possible and for my kids to be so close to my job makes everything work out! It also made me ease my emotions knowing that I could still drop my kids off in the morning and pick them up everyday. 

My daughter also goes to gymnastics and coincidentally my new job ended up being one block away from the facility!  So when I started working again, we changed her class time so I can be there for the last 15 minutes of class for her. I have noticed many kid's centers and daycares have started opening in business parks and this is so convenient for us working mothers. Plus, the class ends early enough that we still get home in time to make dinner and finish homework. When the kids go to bed, I try to squeeze in some picture taking to list on eBay and spend some quality time with my husband.

So anyway, I wanted to share how I juggle being a working mom and wife.  I hope to find other working mom blogs to connect with!