Thursday, May 10, 2012

Brand name clothes at the Dollar Store

A couple weeks ago I noticed a rack go up at the 99 cent store with a mixture of clothes. I found that these are used clothes but come with a tag that says "this recycled garment has been carefully selected and inspected. We used our unique methods to assure like-new appearance".  This is the tag that is attached to each garment:

 Although I found that most clothes very worn, faded, or pilled, if you dig (just like at a thrift store or yard sale) you may find something decent. I found this cute lace aqua Lane Bryant top the first time and sold it for $16 plus shipping on eBay.

I stopped in real quick Sunday and noticed them hanging up "new" stock. I picked up 6 pieces, 4 to resell and 2 for me.

From Left to Right:

1. Ivory Lace Tunic Top (Love this one! Thinking of wearing it to work on casual Friday.)
2. Apt 9 Embroidered Ivory Plus Size 2X Blouse
3. Daisy Fuentes Seafoam Top. (Selling on eBay & already has a bid on it!)
4. Xhilaration Purple Polka Dot Satin Ruffled Top. (Listed on eBay but undecided if I should keep it.)
5. Katie Todd Pink Lace Jacket.
6. SIXTEEN Plus Geometric Tunic Top in 2X

As you can see one of the tops already has a bid on it and that sale alone will pay for my entire shopping trip at the 99 cent store. hahaha.

Anyone else finding unexpected finds at the dollar stores?

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