Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Selling Children's Book Lots

Mom's Paycheck was sharing about her success with book lots and asked what our experiences have been. I have only done a few and they have all sold great. Especially since most were $0.25 - $1 and more expensive ($1) books had belonged to my daughter and she outgrew the stories. So the cost per wear cost was down to pennies.

These I bought to sell; they were $6 for the lot at a yard sale. I held on to this Babysitters Club Lot of 36 books because I had a few missing from the series. I had it listed at auction for $19.99 with the option to Buy It Now and immediately had several watchers. It sold within 2 days for $45 BIN.

This lot of 23 Dr. Seuss books sold for $58.00 at auction.

Lot 15 Berenstain Bears First Time Books sold for $29.02 at auction. This lot was hard for me to let go. I loved reading these with my daughter, but she was ready to let them go and make room for Junie B. Jones Books!

And the best for last...these books were FREE! A man was cleaning up and told me to take any books I liked. These looked brand new and like they never even opened them! These were also missing a book, its part of a 5 book collection. It didn't stop buyers from bidding! These sold at auction for $47.00

What I also like about selling books is that Media Mail is super cheap, so you can offer Free Shipping as an incentive to draw in buyers! Now when I am looking for books to sell, I try not to pay more than a quarter each or try to bargain a better price when I am buying a big lot.

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