Friday, November 11, 2011

My Top 3 Selling Items in October

I noticed that my 2 of the 3 Highest selling items last month were my book lots I wrote about in my previous post and the 4th was also a book lot. (Note to self: keep picking them up at yard sales!).

So with the book lots aside, here are my top 3 (non-book lot) items that sold for the highest price in October:

#3. NEW Zenergy Chicos Zip Up Zipper Active Jacket sold for $29.94 (-$3.28 shipping) at auction. Can you tell if this jacket is Navy or Purple? I listed it as navy blue and freaked out when I was shipping it because in some lighting it looked purple! Fortunately my was happy and left me positive feedback!

My out of pocket cost for this was $0. My mom's client cleaned out her closet and has my mom take whatever she wants. My mom gives me all the stuff to me, lol since she hates clutter. She has great taste and her stuff always brings buyers.

#2. Clarks Privo Womens Leather Darebin Skimmer Sport Slip On Flat Shoes sold for $38.39 (-$4.75 shipping) Buy It Now.

This was also free from my mom's client.

#1. Lil Lion Baby Infant Costume sold for $40.54 (-$5.08 shipping) Buy It Now.

This costume was worn by my son for Halloween 2010. I bought it new for a great price, I think these retailed for up to $59.99 and I bought it for half with a Groupon. I'm glad I made all of my money back. It's like we got it free.

Since I started work this month, I wont have many listings for November :( I'm hoping to make time to list on the weekends to list.

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