Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Yard Sale Finds 7.9.11 Part One

I did not do a post for the previous week as I did not really go to yard sales. It was about 10 AM and was regretting not going and took off on a whim. It was very hot and brought my kids along and my oldest was NOT having it! To make matters worse, she tripped and scrapped her arm pretty bad. We went home shortly after that.

I only bought one thing, or one set of something:
Set of 36 The Babysitters Club book series. There's about 5 skipped books in there and some bonus books that I think are called "Super Special" series? Paid $5, I think I can sell $1 per book average.

Anyway, this Saturday, I intended to be on my way by 6:45 am, but overslept til 7:10 am. My mom came along with me.

I bought 3 pairs of shoes to re-sell.

  1. Woman's Keds - $1, Like New, I think they may have been worn once, they're in that great condition.
  2. Men's Nike Sneakers -$1
  3. Nike Sneakers - $1, Not pictured, I'll save this story for another post. It's good!

I'm always so excited when I find Starbucks items. I am keeping the stainless steel thermos to keep my son's milk when we go out. I also got a Starbucks Hourglass and a Starbucks Expresso Spoon. I think I'm keeping these for now, but I may end up selling because I don't need them and am trying not to clutter the house.

Also pictured is a vintage Pepsi Glass ($1) and a Dolphin Paperweight ($0.50). I hear paperweights are good sellers on eBay.

I am soooo excited about the vintage 1983 See N Say! I almost didn't buy it! I was in my car waiting for my mom to pay for her items and decided to quickly look it up on my phone. One recently sold for over $30! The man was selling it for $2 and when his teen kids heard him they yelled "Daaaaaaddd!" and laughed at the "high" price. The dad gave in to them and said, "ok you can have it for $1". Sold!

Would you believe I found the below stackable (on the right) Santa mugs and Snowman Pitcher on the pavement next to the trash?! I picked up several other Xmas themed mugs I had already put away before getting a picture.

This caused a chain reaction on Saturday, I had to get the Penguin Mug to "match" and threw in the Snowman Candle and Mickey Mouse 2006 Globe. They were a deal at $0.50 a piece. My son is a HUGE Mickey fan and screeches in delight when I shake the globe. The cute little pot on the left was only $0.25. I bought it for my daughter, she can't wait to pick out a plant at the dollar store.

Below is a "the Sak" Hobo Handbag. It is a great shape! Very clean. I also almost walked away from it and ran back to get it after I searched for "the Sak" on ebay. I could turn $1 into $50! I didn't think The Sak bags were as popular anymore, but apparently they are!

Does anyone have luck with Petite Clothing? I had read on My Dear Trash that is was not that great a seller and I also experienced the same. I got these 2 Express Skirts at a yard sale where the lady had lots of cute dresses in Petites sizes. I passed, even though they were super cute!

I read a few times that Car Repair Manuals resell great on ebay. Picked this one up for $1. My husband laughed when he saw I purchased a Car Book.

Everything pictured below is for my kids:
  1. Boys Yellow OshKosh Lined Rain Jacket $1
  2. Boys 18-24 mth Old Navy Fleece lined Jeans $1
  3. Girls Pink Skirt w/hidden shorts $1
  4. Girls Justice Skinny Jeans $1
Stay tuned for Part 2, of my Saturday Yard Sale Finds!

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